Friday, January 4, 2008

Forbidden Phone Repair

My phone has been on the fritz on and off for the past two weeks, and I finally brought it in to the Sprint store today. Nice lady took my info and informed that because this phone was reported lost or stolen (Aug. 2006), a tech cannot look at it. I asked her to repeat that, and she did. So... What are my options?
"Well, you could get blah blah discount blah blah new handset blah blah contract blah blah account hoder present blah blah--"
"Whoa. Hang on. Back up a sec. You mean, I have to get a new phone? I can't just get this one fixed?" Thing about lost/stolen phones being forbidden to techs, again. Looks for other options. "Well, look at that! Your account has something-or-other insurance so for fifty dollars and no contract clause blah blah account holder can call in instead of coming from Philly blah blah."
I repeat this rule about techs and lost/stolen phones, mention that I'm annoyed about that (but nicely, non-threateningly, etc), reiterate this stupid rule again just to make sure I have it straight and then ask, "Why, please?"
Nice lady immediately walks to the back to get Kalil.
"Haha!" I think. "I will talk to management. This be stupid rule. I no make trouble, not really, but I will do my durndest to get them to tell me the rationale behind rule and then blast the reationale. Perhaps I am the stealer of the phone? Hoo-ha! Guess who has ID on her!"
As these thoughts go through my head, Kalil comes. He says nothing to me. He and nice lady have brief discussion about clicking on a flag and removing it. Kalil plays with computer. He nods. Lady says, "Well done, Kalil." Kalil goes back to there from whence he came.
Lady says I should come by to pick up the phone in about an hour and a half.
Work ticket says $0.00 charge estimate.

LESSON: If you don't like a rule, ask why it exists. You might not even have to fight to change it. Some rules seem to be there so that obedient people will pay more money.

Thus endeth the Saga of the Phone, Part I.